The Scotch 80’s Neighborhood reflects what’s best in the City of Las Vegas.  We are neighbors of diversity, independent in will, quiet activists, interested in the welfare of our community, pledged to create an urban environment where people live in comfort and security. Our homes showcase such personality, not mass produced mirror images of each other, but honored to be a stable historic landmark to a city whose vibrancy forges an ever-changing skyline. In the midst of rising and enclosing concrete and steel our landscaped décor offers treed avenues and yards of greenery or sculpted desert, our homes are time capsules between retro Fifties and Southwest modern.

10. 23. 14 - GreenMart Pulls Pot Store Application

Opposition to Super Pot Store at DiBella Flowers:
We are against Special Use Permit #55244 and we need those who understand the Association position to help educated Planning Commission (Sept. 23) and City Council to Vote No.
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Colorado Pot Stats makes you wonder on impact to our neighborhood

Shadow Lane Entryway:
The main entry roadway into Scotch Eighties is Shadow Lane. It is perhaps time an effort is started to make a formal entryway. More...

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